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tHeater Reviews


"Meaghan Rossi is very appealing as Catherine showing her sweetly self-effacing vulnerability in songs like “Kind of Woman” and “I Guess I’ll miss the Man.”-  The Morning Call 


"We open with Meaghan Rossi as a sweet and winsome Cinderella. Rossi makes her Cinderella endearingly unsure if a Prince is what she wants. She is delightfully evasive on “A Very Nice Prince” and “On The Steps of the Palace.” And later she very effectively delivers the tender “No One is Alone." - Lehigh Valley Stage


"While each actor and each number deserves merit, quite a few stand out even above the rest...“No One Is Alone,” with loving tenderness by Cinderella (an outstanding Meaghan Rossi)" - Lehigh Valley Press

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